Sunday, July 4, 2010

Reading Leah's blog today and seeing the photo of her shadow reminded me of this photo I took last fall in Santa Fe going up Canyon Road. I've been going through my own shadowy phase the last few months. In fact, I was thinking that this trip to Santa Fe was so restful and inspiring. I came home and got involved in Leah's Novembe challenge and did a painting I love of the little girls tennis shoes. Then winter set in and somewhere along the way I have lost my way. A gloominess has set in that I cannot seem to shake and lots of things sort of going wrong. I get one thing fixed and something else is wrong. I know from long personal history that "this too shall pass" but it sure doesn't feel good when you are in it.
I have also been learning about Pluto in Retrograde. All planets have an energy that affects us and all planets have certain periods when they appear to spin backward. Each planet affects a different phase of life and Pluto is about death, birth and regeneration. The energy of Pluto brings up the old wounds that need healing. I can certainly attribute part of my "ebb" to this but whatever it is that needs healing seems to still be hiding in the shadows.
As I sit here I have decided to go through some photos to see if perhaps there is something that I can inspire myself with. Nothing else I have tried seems to be working to be bring me up - so maybe when all else fells try to stir up the creativity? Wish me luck and I'll report back later.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wow it's been awhile since I have been on this blog. So many things going on and I have been away from the painting. I'm getting ready to start a new one so will start back with reporting my progress. In the meantime, I am putting up some photos of a recent camping trip. By recent I really mean my first camping trip in about 23 years. I went with 2 girlfriends and had a great time. This surprised the heck out of me since I always thought I was more the hotel type camper. But it turns out they have greatly improved the equipment and now it takes about 30 minutes to set up a camp and it so much less frustratng. We hiked in the park, grilled our food and literally sang around the campfire under the brilliant stars. It was so relaxing. I can't wait to go again except that it will probably be later in the year when it is a little cooler around here. Of course, we could always take the gear somewhere it is cooler....

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas has come and gone and we are winding down the last days of 2009. Wherever you are you probably heard about the blizzard in Oklahoma. My friend, Carla and I got out about 11 on Christmas Eve and ran to Hastings. Yes, I'd been hearing the reports but you have to understand that every year in Oklahoma the weather guys predicit snow. They really talk up the "possibilities" but it rarely happens. So, I must say I was assuming they were exaggerating as usual. By the time we left the store which is, thankfully, just blocks from my home, we were in white out. As we left the parking lot we stopped to help a guy in a truck get unstuck. Keep in mind Carla had surgery on her arm a few weeks ago. But, she got in the truck and steered while he pushed and I pulled my car out of the way. I got Carla home and then made it around the corner to my own only to get stuck in my own driveway. Thank God for a neighbor who saw me and came to help. Within minutes another neighbor was stuck in the alley between my house and the apartments next door and I tried to help her. Then I got inside and dropped my phone which was wet and slippery. The battery fell out and it took over an hour to charge.

Now, the phone wouldn't be such a big deal except my son and his little family were trying to get from Norman to Moore, a distance of about 8 miles, when they got stuck on the highway. They sat for 6 hours going less than two miles before they could get off and get back. So, I was on pins and needles without phone contact until the battery came back up. In the end, they got back to the hotel who had graciously catered in a hot meal for guests and stranded motorists.
I felt like I was in the cartoon Rudolph. At Hastings every time the door blew open the wind howled and the snow blew in. Sitting in my own house it felt like, "I'm gonna huff and puff and blow your house down." The sleet, the wind, and the emergency vehicles were so loud. But the snow ended later in the evening and at one point I woke for a moment in the middle of the night of the silence was so white, not a sound could be heard wind, not breathe, nor mice!

Christmas Day was much better. The sun was shining and I was able to shovel out of my drive. Four of us went to see Sherlock Holmes and then I met the kids for dinner at the Skirvin Hotel and we looked at Christmas lights and opened presents. Yesterday, the sun was shining, the roads are clearing, people are retrieving their abandoned cars. Yesterday, I only went to Starbucks and then I was home all day napping off and on and doing a little decluttering. I have made a practice of doing this at the end of the year because it helps me feel a little more like starting out with a somewhat clear slate.
I am between creative projects. Hoping to get the mural started this week and the "4 seasons" series of paintings. Otherwise, I am resting and catching up on movies.
Happy Holidays to the Creative Every Day community!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

December 6 - A Quiet Sunday Morning

I messed around with this version of a zentangle. I haven't explored the rules. I don't know if the face in this one disqualifies it as an "zentangle" but I had fun with it anyway.
The weather in Oklahoma has taken its turn into winter with the low something like 25 and the high in the 40's. Now 40 on a calm day isn't so bad but 40 on a windy day is COLD!
Last night several of us went to a Holiday Home Tour in an historical neighborhood then went to dinner in nearby Bricktown. We had pesto macaroni with grilled shrimp, yummo.
This morning I am lingering in bed with my coffee, markers, computer and Christmas music. Oh, and yes, the cats are asleep. One at my feet and one in my lap between me and the computer. She makes it kind of hard to type or draw! Sunday mornings are so quiet. It is my favorite time of the week and about the only time I can really hear myself think!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A New Twist or Turn

First, I just wanted to share this photo I took yesterday morning of the sunrise in Oklahoma. On my way to work I was suddenly compelled to look back over my right shoulder or I would've missed it. I carry my pocket camera with me so I pulled over, rolled down the window and took a couple of shots. Today it's raining but I can still enjoy the sunrise.

I'm not sure this will qualify as recycling but I am re-purposing a recent painting. When painted it came out like the version on the top. But then I unconsciously hung it upside down and didn't even notice until a friend pointed out how much she loved it that way! Then I realized I did too. It was like I had painted a road going toward some mountains with a canyon on the right. That is what I see anyway. Now that it is hanging "right" I do see a couple of tiny adjustments I want to make. But how funny is that?

Still trying my hand at the markers and poster board and a version of the zentangle. I was inspired this month by some portraits and hands I saw. I am not totally thrilled with this one but it's a practice attempt.

Monday, November 30, 2009

November 30 - Day 30

What I have created over the weekend is some Christmas magic. Did anyone ever tell you that the magic was created with a lot of hard work and sweat equity? Well, so far, none of my trees or decorations has appeared magically for me but once it's all done it is magic and I am happy. One of the ways I survive the winter is by having some sparkle of lights around the house. Watching my cats was funny as I unpacked the boxes. Miss Kitty, the calico, loves to play with the ties that come off the lights. As you can see in the photo she is contemplating one. Simone likes to sit in the window and watch the traffic go by. I thought she made a pretty picture. Not only did I get my own stuff up over the last couple of days but I helped a couple of friends with theirs as well. I have to say by last evening everything south of my ears was hurting. Good thing is that only thing left to do now is enjoy. Book club is at my house next Friday night and I am ready!

Here are photos of my two other trees. The smaller one is in my bedroom and the other one in my office. You might have to enlarge them to get a better view.
Just before I went to bed I ended up trying my hand at a Zendala. I have to say when I first started seeing these on the art blogs I was a little confused. I thought I had missed something. I used to do these when I was a kid. I'd get bored in church or school and do these doodles. I had forgotten about them. Now I see whole web sites dedicated to them. I even found one that mixed the Zentangle with the Mandala. As this was all I had time or energy for I decided to give one a try again. I had bought my poster board and markers earlier in the day to use for my dream images so I just grabbed the supplies and worked on it while I watched a not so good, made for TV Christmas movie. I seem to be on a tear to hear as much Christmas music as possible and watch a lot of bad Christmas movies! I have to say, though I haven't had time, I've decided I might try my hand at a screenplay for a Christmas movie. I think I can do better than some of the stuff that passes for holiday entertainment. And people get paid for this stuff!
I cannot believe that we are at the end of November. I am totally proud of everyone who participated in this Create Art Every Day challenge. I think it is an incredible group of talented people. It has motivated me in a way that I did not expect. I am thrilled with my tennis shoe painting. I am looking at it as I write this. If not for the challenge to paint every day I'd probably still be working on it. Two new projects came my way in the process also. Again, I can't say enough how much I appreciate Leah, her work and her idea for this project. I definitely plan to stay connected with this community.
Thanks to all of you who stopped by and or commented. Your encouraging words are so exciting to see!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

November 26 - Day 26 Happy Thanksgiving

I think I have found my Christmas card this year. My good friend came by my house last night while I was attempting to decorate my tree and some how we got the idea for this photo. For our book club this month we are reading David Sedaris' "Holiday on Ice." The ice being in his high ball glass as a method for surviving, ha-ha. I think I made the comment that after messing with the twinkle lights "no wonder people drink at the holidays." In honor of our book I am going to send out this photo to the gals with the title, "Merry Christmas, straight up, no chaser!"

Today is Thanksgiving and in about an hour and a half I am going to Tulsa with this same good friend. We often travel at the holidays together. Tonight we have a reservation at the Double Tree downtown where we plan to spend a leisurely afternoon at the pool/hot tub and then we have a dinner reservation at the historic Ambassador hotel. Well, the web site says, historic. After dinner we'll drive through Utica Square to look at Christmas lights. Tomorrow there will be some window shopping at Utica. We enjoy visiting the Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn and Renovation Hardware stores there. We'll drive home after lunch at our favorite Irish Pub "Kilkenny's".

I have found that it is imperative for me to be out of town at Thanksgiving. After years of struggling with holiday depression, I find that if I am in a different environment, it just doesn't happen.
Here is a photo of the Christmas Tree I got up yesterday. This is my more traditional tree and I have a good start on the decorating. I have a ton of more decorations to put on it. My 2nd tree is a Mardi Gras themed tree that I will put in the office and the 3rd tree is a small "Santa" tree I put in my bedroom. I'll get that and all the "sit around" stuff up on Saturday. For now, I have to go pack.
Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving and start to the Christmas Season.