Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fall and other Stuff

The weather this weekend was just indescribably beautiful. The temperature was exquisite. That first perfect day of fall when the sun is shining but there is the tiniest nip of cool in the air. I kept saying that if I could hug a day I would. The summer had its moments of intense heat. I think we had about a 3 week stretch of temps that were 106+. The good news about the summer is that we had enough intermittent rain to make it bearable. Seemed that with each rain the temperatures backed off. I can live with pretty much anything as long as there is that sporadic reprieve. However, now that the worst of the heat is behind us I relish the darker mornings and cooler days and nights. We've started to see the first leaf turning yellow. And the first college football game is on Saturday. Fall is my very favorite time of year. There is excitement in the air as students converge on the college and we gear up for football, Homecoming, and Halloween. For me, there is something romantic maybe even nostalgic about the fall. And the heat can really make me cranky! So my personality takes a shift to the lighter side. I am just not a girl who enjoys the extreme temperatures of summer and winter but I am living in the wrong state for that!

For now I am so happy to have turned that corner into this season. Soon the Fair will be upon us, and though I am not a fan of the Fair, you can count on lots of rain during that time. The leaves will start to really get golden, red and brown. My pecan crop (one tree in my front yard) will fall. I love Halloween and can't wait to get out the decorations and carve my pumpkin. For years I loved it more than Christmas.

I am going to enjoy every single second of this glorious season!

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