Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 1

Today is November 1 and the first day of the Creative Every Day challenge. I came across this blog last year around this time and have enjoyed following it ever since. I enjoy the other blogs that are part of this community as well. Last year I did not have it in me to participate. As you can see from my previous posts I was at the beginning of a bit of a dry spell. That seems to have passed. Today I put the under painting to a drawing I did a few days ago. My goal for this month is to work on this painting at least a bit every day. If I get the time and get really ambitious and finish it then I'll move onto something else.

Since my impulse to create has kicked back in suddenly I am in demand again. I am in discussions for a commissioned painting as well as possible mural. It's very exciting. Today my sister was in town and we took a short stroll around the college campus and I took some lovely photos I posted to Facebook.

I work mostly in oils on canvas. When I do murals I switch to acrylics. I really enjoy photography as well and I am usually taking photos with a painting in mind.

Something else I did was take a little road trip with four of my girlfriends. We drove up to Wichita, Kansas to see an exhibit of 3 generations of Wyeth paintings. It was a truly beautiful exhibit. It was a gorgeous fall day and it just added to my enjoyment and inspiration.

Here's to getting a really great start to November!

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