Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November 11 - Day 11

Very little time today. The dream class at my house went longer than expected, the canvas is still resting. We've had such a lovely fall that we are just now getting the second round of leaves turning and falling. I woke up yesterday to fog and about 1/3 of the leaves on my pecan tree had fallen over the yard. Today I'm posting a couple of photos of the tree. Tonight I will be back to painting the canvas.

Another thing I like to do is mess around with the Magnetic Poetry. Here is a little ditty for today.
But for one memory, say a dark whisper.


  1. I am enjoying following your journey!

  2. I like your photos and the magnetic poem. Especially the poem.

  3. she whispered slowly
    as the leaves fell quietly
    and they danced away

  4. Thank you for the posts. I love getting them as much as I love writing mine. Thank you "corazonart" for the poem! Love it!