Friday, November 13, 2009

November 13 - Day 13

I had thought that I would get back to the canvas last night. The meditation group was great but went a little long again. I am not operating at the same high energy level as last week. I was just as busy then but had the energy to put in some time even if it was late. Maybe it is just the ebb and flow of life or maybe that issue that knocked me off center last week is still bothering me. The immediate crisis was averted but it still hasn't quite resolved to my complete liking. Will have to keep working on that as well.
Tomorrow three of my friends and I are going to paint together for the afternoon so expect a new photo of the painting tomorrow.

I have added this meditation group as well as the dream work shop to my endeavors to nurture myself. It must be working on some level. I have now awakened twice with different songs in my head. Last week George Strait was singing to me, "I Cross My Heart and Promise to..." At first, I didn't get it but if you think of it as a love song to yourself it is pretty great. And I don't even like country music. This morning I woke up with Paul McCartney singing to me "My Love." Now that is more like it.

Today I leave you with another fall photo. This was taken in Santa Fe a month or so ago when I went to the Balloon Festival but I include it here today because I intend it as a painting.

P. S. I can't believe how many posts were about cats yesterday and how many people use them in their art! That is wonderful. P.S. My cat is still in the laundry basket!

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