Saturday, November 14, 2009

November 14 - Day 14

I am posting late as I got to the painting early evening. I mostly spent my time working on the shoelaces. I also bumped up the color off the decoration on the shoes. After the paint had dried for a couple of days the orange was too muted. I wanted it to have more punch. The difference may be subtle but it's there. I am really happy with how this is coming along. I enjoy looking at. I have it on an easel in my living and it just makes me happy as I come and go.

Today was a little overcast and cooler than it has been. I hear a nasty rumor that a bit of a winter storm is brewing for the next couple of days. I woke about 7 this morning but hibernated with my coffee and the computer until about 10. Then I met some friends for more coffee at a new coffee shop in town. Next on the agenda was a Spirit Fair. My friend and I had been invited by our massage therapist. I wasn't expecting much but I must say I got more than I planned for the $6 entry including a mini massage that was really great. After a late lunch we packed up the art supplies and spent the evening with two other friends. Two of us painted and the other two cooked dinner. So it was a lovely day full of all kinds of fun surprises and creativity.

This next week should be quieter at work because several people will be out of town. I am wondering how I am going to handle Thanksgiving week. I have a few days of travel planned so I know I won't be working on any oils. I will have to switch back to the photos or poems, etc. But the truth is every month has some event that would distract me from the oils, ha-ha. So I can't let Thanksgiving derail me. Good night, sweet dreams.


  1. I like watching this evolve. It is such a great perspective!

  2. Sher, this painting is wonderful! Love the sneakers, the colors and the position of the feet! Sweet!