Sunday, November 15, 2009

November 15- Day 15

What I created today was the perfect Sunday. If you can't tell what the photo is ... it is my feet wrapped up in my blanket with a cat on either side keeping my toes toasty warm while they napped and I played on the computer. I was listening to All Christmas Internet radio and enjoying a cup of hot Jasmine Tea. I just got off and let the world pass me by for a while. Later I did get up and do some light housekeeping chores. I met with the woman who wants the mural for her office, had dinner with friends and I am back at home ending the day as I started with Christmas music playing softly, cats asleep in their baskets, tea steeping and a hot bubble bath about 5 minutes into my future.

The painting will wait until tomorrow. After two really busy weeks I really needed some quiet and low-no activity!

It's days like this when the mind chatter has died to a the faintest of whispers and no one is calling my name, no activity forces me out of my comfortable little nest that I wish I could bottle the feelings and when the fires of my days swirl around me I could have a little taste of this sweetness. And I am listening to I Heard the Bells on Christmas Morning... and peace prevails, at least for this moment.

This is the view from the sofa of my living room!

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  1. Yummm! Sounds cozy and wonderful to take some time with the kitties and tea!