Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November 19 - Day 18 & 19

Tonight while listening to the weekly Self-Love call I put in the grass and tweaked the laces a bit. I am getting dangerously close to finishing this. I am still a bit shy of being happy with those laces. The rest of I am thrilled with. I have had such fun painting this and thanks to Leah and this Creative Every Day challenge I have stayed focused and productive. I have so enjoyed watching others progress and listening in on the internal dialogue that we are all reporting on. It's a great comfort to know that everyone has similar challenges, insecurities, epiphanies and celebrations! It's fun to share and support each other in a community of like minded individuals.
I'll let this rest again for a day or two and then maybe make another attempt with the laces. Or maybe they will grow on me as they are.
Next on the agenda is the first painting in the 4 Seasons series I am doing for my friend. I am going to start with Spring and "Mexico". I won't get started on the mural until about mid-December due to the fact that construction on the facility won't be finished until then.
Of course, I have to allow for Thanksgiving and Christmas in the midst of all this activity but I have some days off planned around both. I suspect there will be a few days when I resort back to photography rather than the painting due to travel. But it's all good, as they say!


  1. Sherrie,

    Sometimes taking a step back helps to re-ignite the fire. Personally, I like the image and really like the little details you've added to the shoes.

    "Conditions for creativity are:
    to be puzzled;
    to concentrate;
    to accept conflict and tension;
    to be born everyday;
    to feel a sense of self."--Erich Fromm


    Cindy Knull

  2. Thank you! that is an awesome quote! Thank you for sharing it.

  3. Sherrie,
    What can I say after Cindy's post. so true.
    All I can say is enjoy the adventure :D
    Thank you for visiting my blog, you are very sweet.

  4. The laces look as if you could reach out and untie them. :D Great smooth movement on the grass .