Thursday, November 26, 2009

November 26 - Day 26 Happy Thanksgiving

I think I have found my Christmas card this year. My good friend came by my house last night while I was attempting to decorate my tree and some how we got the idea for this photo. For our book club this month we are reading David Sedaris' "Holiday on Ice." The ice being in his high ball glass as a method for surviving, ha-ha. I think I made the comment that after messing with the twinkle lights "no wonder people drink at the holidays." In honor of our book I am going to send out this photo to the gals with the title, "Merry Christmas, straight up, no chaser!"

Today is Thanksgiving and in about an hour and a half I am going to Tulsa with this same good friend. We often travel at the holidays together. Tonight we have a reservation at the Double Tree downtown where we plan to spend a leisurely afternoon at the pool/hot tub and then we have a dinner reservation at the historic Ambassador hotel. Well, the web site says, historic. After dinner we'll drive through Utica Square to look at Christmas lights. Tomorrow there will be some window shopping at Utica. We enjoy visiting the Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn and Renovation Hardware stores there. We'll drive home after lunch at our favorite Irish Pub "Kilkenny's".

I have found that it is imperative for me to be out of town at Thanksgiving. After years of struggling with holiday depression, I find that if I am in a different environment, it just doesn't happen.
Here is a photo of the Christmas Tree I got up yesterday. This is my more traditional tree and I have a good start on the decorating. I have a ton of more decorations to put on it. My 2nd tree is a Mardi Gras themed tree that I will put in the office and the 3rd tree is a small "Santa" tree I put in my bedroom. I'll get that and all the "sit around" stuff up on Saturday. For now, I have to go pack.
Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving and start to the Christmas Season.


  1. Excellent read - and fabulous example of Self Care. I wrote a poem about my not-so-fabulous holiday memories. I am creating new ones, now, intentionally. I am grateful to read words like yours to inspire and remind me.

    Grateful, grateful, grateful.

  2. Sherrie!
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for the lovely comments.
    The holidays can be depressing, I'm glad you found the antidote.
    Take care :D