Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November 3 - Day 3

I thought it worth mentioning I am doing my art at night and posting the next morning so it seems I am a day behind but this only the posting part. That said, this is day number 3 of Create Art Everyday and I am still going strong. You might think it redundant that I keep announcing that. But I am notorious for having a great idea that doesn't get kicked off or starting something and getting totally sidetracked. Everyday that I accomplish my intention, and tonight it was to get the full canvas covered in paint, it is a huge victory!

Tonight, after another full workday, I hosted a small group of women for a dream workshop. Tonight was the first in a 4 week class. I didn't get started on the painting until the girls left at 9:00. By 11:00 I had accomplished my task and now I sit happily typing away about the experience.

I'm very happy with the progress. I was tempted to let myself get a little frustrated. I thought there wasn't enough contrast between what is going to be grass and the shoes. But, I left the room to clean the brushes and when I walked back in the room and got the view from a distance I was much happier with it and I reminded myself that this is really another layer of under painting. It is no where near the finished product. So, once I diverted myself from the all too early criticism I finished the cleanup and got out the camera. Not bad for a few hours work.


  1. I adore the feet (which I initially typed "feat" which works, too!)

    Congrats on still going strong. Continuing is important.. very important.

    (Sometimes Blog Spot doesn't take my ID, so I will post my link here, too.)


  2. hooray for all the victories, small and large! and hooray for getting rid of that critical voice. you're doing beautifully!