Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 4 - Day 4

First, thank you for the comments! I am so excited! I write a blog for my book club. And every month 13 other women read it and send me their comments on email but no one ever leaves a comment on the blog! ha-ha.

Yesterday was a bit more of a struggle. I've been rocking along pretty good in life and then wham! Something kind of came at me out of the blue. Hopefully, it will resolve it self quickly and easily but it has knocked me a bit off center. Also, last night I had dinner with friends and planned to be home by 8 for a telecall with "Self Love Studio". Christine Arylo is hosting a free 7 week seminar on self-love. Last week we had Muriel Hemingway on the phone. How cool is that? And last night was Kimberly Wilson (from my home state of Oklahoma) talking about tranquility. Funny thing is, she is wound up pretty tight. A high driving, type A personality. My friend, Carla, who was also on the call said it worked for her because they have the same kind of struggles with relaxing.

I had intended to paint while I listened but that didn't happen. So it was after 9 again when I got to the painting. Now that the whole thing is blocked in with color that means I have to get down to the details. My personality in life and in painting is that I like the big broad strokes. I see the big picture and it is difficult to get me focused on the details. Sometimes this serves me well but everybody has to attend to the details sometimes so it is good practice. One tiny problem I was having was that because I blocked in all the color first the canvas is wet. So in some instances where the detail is small and fine.... I was just pushing paint around. However, as always, when I step away from the canvas or leave it and come back to it, it is never as bad as I thought. I have to remind myself that art is meant to be viewed from the distance and I am painting it nose to nose. Step away from the canvas!

So today I'm only posting the toe of the shoe I worked on last night. Tonight on my way home I am stopping to consult with my friend who wants the 4 paintings. I will keep you posted on that and then I have a meditation class at 7 so, again it will be late when I get to the paint - but that seems to be working for me this week. Go with what works.

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