Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 8 - Day 7/8

Somehow I think I've missed a day of posting but that is ok. I'm still keeping up the challenge. Yesterday I was able to spend some time with the painting and I worked through the part that was frustrating me. It's funny how dual the mind is. I find, for me, almost every thought has a conflicting one. I am working on that in my meditation group. I do find that when I can connect with that part of me that just witnesses everything, the inner conflict just disappears. However, so far, it is only in rare moments that happens. What is usually going on is a voice that is hypercritical of what I am doing and the other is the arguing voice of reason that says I am (or should be) enjoying the process. The critical voice just wants to slap some paint on it and get it over with. The frustration then isn't actually with the painting itself but this internal conflict. These phantom voices. I'm tempted to say it all sounds crazy, but I'm reading your blogs and I know that this is a common thought process.

A friend is taking me to brunch in about an hour, I have some grocery shopping to do and then I plan to spend the rest of the time on the painting. I am going in to it today with the intention of working from awareness making it a painting meditation. The intention will be to just let the thoughts arise, notice them, thank them for sharing and let them disappear. I'll let you know how it goes! ha-ha.

Someone commented on the painting that the shoes had "character". I'm so glad. The girls were sisters at the balloon fiesta and their shoes were so cute I asked for a photo. The dad got all excited and tried to pose them. I think the younger little girl was probably pretty precocious and "sassy" while the older sister seemed more aware of herself, a little shy but much the big sister. I can see that in their shoes! I haven't thought yet about a title for the painting. I don't often title them but maybe I will this one. Any suggestions?


  1. I so love the sneakers - love the colors - just wonderful - thanks so much for sharing - found you through AEDM~!~

  2. Dear Sherrie,

    I understand exactly how you feel, in regards to the dual mind. I'm happy that you are aware of it, and can bring this to the surface everytime you experience a new moment. Your painting is incredible and I can see the differences in the sisters as you mention. :)

    Happy Art Day Every Month. I am also participating, though todays feature is not found in my blog -