Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 10 - Day 10

Today I am posting a photograph that I took recently on a walk around the university I live near. We are having such a gorgeous fall and the roses are still in bloom. I didn't realize until I uploaded the photos the ants that are at the center of the bloom.
I simply had to let the canvas have a night off. After darkening up the background it was too wet last night to do anything with blades of grass. I will get back to it tonight.
As I mentioned I have my marching orders for the 4 Seasons paintings AND tonight I am meeting with a woman who wants a mural for her office. So, if that goes well, I will certainly be busy and creative for some time to come. There has been so much synchronicity in my life lately and it's funny that I unconsciously picked the rose in bloom in fall for today's post because it is a great metaphor for how I am feeling. I don't think it is any accident that Creative Every Day and all these job opportunities are happening at the same time.
On a final note, my 2nd dream workshop is tonight. I woke early and went back to sleep this morning and dreamed I barely escaped a car crash. While I was careening down the highway sideways, with my friend Jackie in the passenger seat, cars are passing me going even faster and cutting in front of my swerving car. I come dangerously close to guard rail but in the midst of it all I am very aware and conscious of taking deep breaths and staying in control and I manage to bring the car back to normal. As we slow down Jackie says that she either saw or is aware of a female presence that was with us in the back seat. Then I am off the highway, I stop at a stop sign and a kid behind me hits me after all that! I get out of the car but then my body starts flying around on its own. And I discover I have control over it . I can jump and do somersaults in the air and all manner of tricks. Jackie tells the couple who hit me that it is "mind over matter". There was some more detail to the dream but this was the most significant part. Wonder what we will make of that.
Do any of you have flying dreams?


  1. I am happy for all your opportunities. I think there is a definite connection between Creative Everyday and your jop opportunities. All this creating opens us up to the possibilities.

  2. I love the combination of full bloom and bud. Beautiful.

  3. I have flying dreams, from time to time. More often when I was a child. I do have quite a few driving dreams. Feels like all the time, or at least... 25% of my dreams are about driving.

    Loved your comment "I simply had to give the canvas a night off"... I trust when you return to it, it will be refreshed.

    (Blogspot doesn't like to label my posts with my name or link sometimes, so here... I will add it here. I "know" you through Art Every Day Month.)