Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A New Twist or Turn

First, I just wanted to share this photo I took yesterday morning of the sunrise in Oklahoma. On my way to work I was suddenly compelled to look back over my right shoulder or I would've missed it. I carry my pocket camera with me so I pulled over, rolled down the window and took a couple of shots. Today it's raining but I can still enjoy the sunrise.

I'm not sure this will qualify as recycling but I am re-purposing a recent painting. When painted it came out like the version on the top. But then I unconsciously hung it upside down and didn't even notice until a friend pointed out how much she loved it that way! Then I realized I did too. It was like I had painted a road going toward some mountains with a canyon on the right. That is what I see anyway. Now that it is hanging "right" I do see a couple of tiny adjustments I want to make. But how funny is that?

Still trying my hand at the markers and poster board and a version of the zentangle. I was inspired this month by some portraits and hands I saw. I am not totally thrilled with this one but it's a practice attempt.

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  1. Beautiful. And what a nice discovery about changing the perspective of the painting.