Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas has come and gone and we are winding down the last days of 2009. Wherever you are you probably heard about the blizzard in Oklahoma. My friend, Carla and I got out about 11 on Christmas Eve and ran to Hastings. Yes, I'd been hearing the reports but you have to understand that every year in Oklahoma the weather guys predicit snow. They really talk up the "possibilities" but it rarely happens. So, I must say I was assuming they were exaggerating as usual. By the time we left the store which is, thankfully, just blocks from my home, we were in white out. As we left the parking lot we stopped to help a guy in a truck get unstuck. Keep in mind Carla had surgery on her arm a few weeks ago. But, she got in the truck and steered while he pushed and I pulled my car out of the way. I got Carla home and then made it around the corner to my own only to get stuck in my own driveway. Thank God for a neighbor who saw me and came to help. Within minutes another neighbor was stuck in the alley between my house and the apartments next door and I tried to help her. Then I got inside and dropped my phone which was wet and slippery. The battery fell out and it took over an hour to charge.

Now, the phone wouldn't be such a big deal except my son and his little family were trying to get from Norman to Moore, a distance of about 8 miles, when they got stuck on the highway. They sat for 6 hours going less than two miles before they could get off and get back. So, I was on pins and needles without phone contact until the battery came back up. In the end, they got back to the hotel who had graciously catered in a hot meal for guests and stranded motorists.
I felt like I was in the cartoon Rudolph. At Hastings every time the door blew open the wind howled and the snow blew in. Sitting in my own house it felt like, "I'm gonna huff and puff and blow your house down." The sleet, the wind, and the emergency vehicles were so loud. But the snow ended later in the evening and at one point I woke for a moment in the middle of the night of the silence was so white, not a sound could be heard wind, not breathe, nor mice!

Christmas Day was much better. The sun was shining and I was able to shovel out of my drive. Four of us went to see Sherlock Holmes and then I met the kids for dinner at the Skirvin Hotel and we looked at Christmas lights and opened presents. Yesterday, the sun was shining, the roads are clearing, people are retrieving their abandoned cars. Yesterday, I only went to Starbucks and then I was home all day napping off and on and doing a little decluttering. I have made a practice of doing this at the end of the year because it helps me feel a little more like starting out with a somewhat clear slate.
I am between creative projects. Hoping to get the mural started this week and the "4 seasons" series of paintings. Otherwise, I am resting and catching up on movies.
Happy Holidays to the Creative Every Day community!


  1. Hi Sher,

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm looking forward to seeing the mural and series of paintings you plan to create. Happy New Year!

  2. Sounds like you are enjoying your holiday break. As I look over at your "about me" paragraph I see that we have something in common - I too am finding that I really enjoy single life. I've been having a blast taking classes and workshops and experimenting with all of my creative projects. Cheers to a year filled with creative adventures that nurture the soul!