Sunday, July 4, 2010

Reading Leah's blog today and seeing the photo of her shadow reminded me of this photo I took last fall in Santa Fe going up Canyon Road. I've been going through my own shadowy phase the last few months. In fact, I was thinking that this trip to Santa Fe was so restful and inspiring. I came home and got involved in Leah's Novembe challenge and did a painting I love of the little girls tennis shoes. Then winter set in and somewhere along the way I have lost my way. A gloominess has set in that I cannot seem to shake and lots of things sort of going wrong. I get one thing fixed and something else is wrong. I know from long personal history that "this too shall pass" but it sure doesn't feel good when you are in it.
I have also been learning about Pluto in Retrograde. All planets have an energy that affects us and all planets have certain periods when they appear to spin backward. Each planet affects a different phase of life and Pluto is about death, birth and regeneration. The energy of Pluto brings up the old wounds that need healing. I can certainly attribute part of my "ebb" to this but whatever it is that needs healing seems to still be hiding in the shadows.
As I sit here I have decided to go through some photos to see if perhaps there is something that I can inspire myself with. Nothing else I have tried seems to be working to be bring me up - so maybe when all else fells try to stir up the creativity? Wish me luck and I'll report back later.